Naturopathic medicine

Finding a Happy Medium with Naturopathic Medicine

If you have a chronic ailment, or simply like to live a healthier lifestyle, chances are that naturopathic medicine has come across your radar of treatment possibilities at one point or another.  If so, you can’t be blamed if you’re a little (or a lot) confused about the mixed signals you might get. But, if…

Ways to make your massage better

6 Ways to Make Your Next Massage Better

We’ve told you before about the benefits of massage therapy, particularly when it’s delivered by a registered massage therapist. From pain reduction and improving mobility, to helping you deal with anxiety and stress, massage therapy can help both your physical and mental health. So what have you done lately to make your massage sessions even…

Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture as an Emergency-Room Pain Reliever

Whether you receive regular treatments as part of an overall health regimen, or you’ve just looked into it but never been treated, you know three things about acupuncture. First, it is one of the oldest practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), first documented in 100 BC. But there is evidence that acupuncture was practiced long…

Joint pain

Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries & Treatments

Summer time is driving time. If the fact that gas prices are usually higher in the summer than the winter isn’t a tell-tale sign, we tend to hit the road more often in the summer. It makes sense. From local day trips, to cross-country road trips, travelling by car simply makes more sense when there’s…

Poor sitting posture resulting in muscle pain

4 Ways to Relieve Your Aching Muscles

It’s usually considered a sign of age. It comes from the grunts and groans that some ‘older’ people make when the get up from a chair or bed after sitting or lying down for some time. For the record, tight, sore, aching muscles can happen to adults of any age. As we age, our muscles…

treating chronic inflammation

Reduce Chronic Inflammation & Be Healthier – Part 1: Understanding Inflammation

It’s a bit of an odd situation; maybe even a little ironic. If you look at Active Health’s list of Services, you see that most of them can be used to treat inflammation. Where’s the irony in that? Well, inflammation is actually a symptom of your body’s system of self-defense against a number of perceived…

At home workout

How to Get Your Body Ready for Spring

Last year around this time, we told you about how to avoid sports and exercise injuries in the spring. The reason we did is because we see a notable increase in our clients reporting even minor injuries in the spring. And they are often due to getting back into their warm-weather activates before their bodies…

Dog joint massage

How to Relieve Your Dog’s Joint and/or Arthritic Pain

We humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from physiotherapy and massage therapy for the treatment of pain. If you’re a dog owner, you know how heart-wrenching it is to see your pet painfully walking up stairs, or not exercising as much as he or she should, or wants to, because it’s too painful….