Neck & Upper Back Pain, Injuries, Symptoms, & Treatments

Neck & Upper Back Pain


Symptoms A form of neck strain, torn muscles and tendons in the neck.
Treatments Over-the-counter pain medication. Painkillers, muscle relaxants, and physical therapy.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (Numbness Into Arm)

Symptoms Compression of nerves or blood vessels. Inadequate passageway through an area between neck and armpit.
Treatments Exercises and therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and surgery in severe cases.

Burners or stingers (Brachial plexus injury)

Symptoms Injury to the nerve supply of the upper arm.
Treatments Special neck roll, elevated shoulder pads, physical therapy.

Rib Injury

Symptoms Costochondritis, Pleurisy, Fractured or bruised ribs.
Treatments Painkillers, ice, chest support, surgery if the case is severe.

Postural pain ir stuffness

Symptoms Conditions could be whiplash, cervical spondylosis, wryneck, fibromyalgia.
Treatments X-rays, followed by rest, pain medications and physical therapy in mild cases.

Cervicgenic and tension type headaches

Symptoms A severe headache caused by the neck. Pain may be triggered by neck movement.
Treatments NSAIDS, aspirin, and acetaminophen. Spinal manipulation and trigger point injections if it is severe.

Intercostal (ribcage) Strain

Symptoms Mild muscular injury caused by rapid twisting of the torso.
Treatments Rest, Ice, Compression, and Exercise.

Facet Irritation and Injury

Symptoms Acute lumbar or cervical face joint inflammation, resembling a herniated disc.
Treatments Change in posture, heat, anti-inflammatory medication, chiropractic manipulations.

Cervical Disc Problems

Symptoms Pain caused by herniated disc presses on a cervical nerve.
Treatments Over-the-counter and prescription medications, exercise, physical therapy or chiropractic adjustment. Surgery is required if pain isn’t alleviated in 6 months.