In today's article, Active Health Centre shows what the connection is between emotional and physical health is.

The Connection Between Your Emotional & Physical Health

To very quickly show how your mental or emotional health can affect your physical health, think of the following scenarios. Have you ever felt really tired after a particularly stressful day at work – even though your job isn’t physical? Or does your stomach get upset when you have an important interview coming up?

These are simple examples, but they underscore the undeniable connection between your emotional well-being and your physical health.

There’s actually a name for it. Psychosomatic disorders are those physical diseases and disorders that are believed to be caused by emotional reactions to day-to-day stresses, like anxiety, anger, and depression. The physical symptoms that may be triggered by your emotions are wide-ranging. They include:

  • Back pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Appetite issues
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Undue sweating

Other Ways Your Emotions can Affect Your Physical Health – And Vice Versa

Psychosomatic disorders produce physical symptoms that may not be immediately recognized as being rooted in your emotional state. But there can be a more direct mind-body connection.

  1. Lack of Motivation – Let’s face it, if you’re a little depressed, or anxious about something, going for a workout might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes we just want to mope. But that reduction in physical activity due to an emotional issue can exacerbate existing physical symptoms or create new ones.
  2. Poor Eating Habits – If the only thing that will make you feel better tonight is a tub of ice cream, try to think of the consequences. Occasionally straying from healthy eating isn’t likely to be a problem. But extended emotional issues can result in poor nutrition and make it even more difficult to manage the problems.
  3. Physical Problems Can Affect Your Emotions – No one gets ecstatic due to their back pain. The mind-body connection between emotional and physical health can be a vicious circle. Physical problems can upset your emotions. And, as we’ve seen already, those emotions can trigger other physical symptoms.

If you want to be physically and emotionally healthy, you need to be more aware of the mind-body connection. Whether it’s massage therapy to relieve your stress, or motivating yourself to stay active, they will all pay off in ways you might not expect. To learn more, contact Active Health Centre Today.

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