Type of Massage Therapy - Sports massage

4 Popular Types of Massage Therapy Methods

Massage therapy is a great way to relax, or to help relieve pain. For thousands of years, people have used massage as a way to treat various ailments. Here are four popular types of massage therapy methods, but are not limited to:

Swedish Massage

One of the most widely-used methods of massage, Swedish massage may be used for many different types of medical ailments, including in pain relief, to relax stiff joints and muscles, and in treatment of patients with osteoarthritis. This type of gentle massage can also promote a feeling of overall well-being, and to reduce both physical and emotional stress. There are 5 different strokes used in Swedish massage, and they consist of sliding or gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, fiction, and vibration.

Deep Tissue Massage

Usually, deep tissue massage is used to help with muscle damage from previous injuries. This type of massage is good for relieving constant pain, and may beneficial to athletes. The way this slower, more-forceful technique works is by targeting deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Sports Massage

Somewhat akin to Swedish massage, this type of massage is specifically geared toward athletes, or those with very active lifestyles. It can be used to help treat disability and pain. This type of massage is sometimes referred to as manual or manipulative therapy because it often includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, manipulation of joints, and joint mobilization.

Electrotherapy Modalities

This type of massage is done using electrical currents that cause muscles to contract. Electrotherapy may be used to relieve pain, as a treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction, to improve joint mobility, for acute or chronic edema, tissue repair, to improve blood flow, treat iontophoresis, and for fecal and urine incontinence.

As you can clearly see, just these four types of massage therapy have exciting benefits, and are used in medical treatment all the time. And these four types are just a few kinds of the massage therapy that Active Health offers clients. We also offer hydrotherapy, neuromuscular massage, therapeutic ultrasound, ice massage and lymphatic drainage, as well as remedial exercise problems. These other styles also have other real, exciting benefits, including relaxation and pain relief. Come into our office today and let us know what types of problems you may be experiencing. We can help you choose a type of massage therapy that best suits your needs, and plan a treatment schedule that best works around your busy lifestyle.

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