Acupuncture Cures

Acupuncture Cures

One of the most popular methods of alternative medicine is acupuncture. This type of medicine dates back thousands of years ago, and has been shown to be effective in many different types of treatment for many different types of disease. Here at Active Health, we believe acupuncture treatments may even be able to cure some of your health complaints. Studies back-up that belief and claim. Want to know what acupuncture may help cure?

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After using acupuncture therapy on patience for a few weeks during a clinical study in 2008, the British Medical Journal found that there was a stunning 65% increase in the chance of pregnancy among women when using acupuncture therapy when compared to those who were not. Currently, the medical community is looking at ways to use acupuncture to reduce both stress and cost of in vitro fertilization.

Shoulder Pain and Migraines

A study conducted in 2008 at Germany’s Landstuhl Regional Medical Center found a sharp decrease in soldiers experiencing shoulder pain and migraines after they began acupuncture therapy. This group saw a 50-75% improvement with pain, even in cases where medication was having little to no effect.

Lower-Back Pain

Internal Medicine ran an article in 2007 that reported that acupuncture was more effective in treating lower back pain than other conventional treatments, like physical therapy and pain medication. Patients in this trial who received acupuncture experience around a 48% improvement in their pain condition, as compared with those receiving conventional pain treatments who only reported around a 27% improvement. The study was conducted on a test group of about 1,162 patients who underwent over a total of 13,000 acupuncture treatment specifically for lower-back pain.


In a 2007 study published in the magazine, Circulation, a six-week acupuncture course was given to around 160 patients who had reported mild to moderate problems with hypertension. As a result, their blood pressure, both diastolic and systolic, was often lowered. This study also showed the need to continue treatment even after improvement, as those who discontinued treatment saw symptoms return within just a few short weeks.

Acupuncture is a nearly painless experience, despite the fact that some clients may be weary when starting acupuncture treatment. There is no reason to be scared, or worried. The benefits here, far outweigh the dangers, as is proven by the studies up above, and the evidence that acupuncture has been effectively used in the treatment of many other medical issues.

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