5 Aspects Of Physical Fitness

Life in the 21st century is fast paced and stressful than it ever has been for human beings. Stress resulting from excessive work pressure, erratic lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits and other related factors has an adverse effect on the physical well being and mental health. Regular exercises and workouts like brisk walking, swimming, jogging, cycling and light running can help you to stay in the pink of health. Following are the 5 elements or components of physical wellbeing that you need to take care of through a Health and Fitness program.

1. Keep your heart hale and healthy

Nobody will dispute the fact that the key to leading a healthy and active life lies in having a robust heart. Simply put, a heart that efficiently filters impure blood and delivers oxygenated blood with all other vital nutrients to all parts of the body is considered healthy. So what does it take to keep your heart healthy? A health and fitness plan that incorporates cardiovascular activity on a regular basis.

2. Enhance your muscular strength

More often than not, you get carried away by the six pack abs that many sporting and celluloid personalities seem to flaunt in style. To develop such muscular and brawny physique, you need to completely overhaul your lifestyle, not to speak of your health and fitness regimen. To keep your muscles in peak working condition, just stick to simple exercises that make you sweat, like running on the treadmill or climbing the steps in the gallery of your local stadium.

3. Test the threshold limit of your muscle

The optimal way to test the strength and robustness of your muscle mass is by subjecting your body to continuous and stressful activity for a fixed time span or interval. That does not mean you have to run up the Rocky Mountains or cover 25 kms in 3 hours like a marathon runner. If you jog lightly for 6kms in a routine manner goes a long way towards increasing your muscles’ tolerance or endurance levels.

4. Keep your joints flexible

You must have seen the leopard in its natural habitat or in those wildlife programs on TV. Leopards are the epitome of gracefulness and agility. Before you embark on walking or cycling program for the day, warm up your body with simple yogic exercises or light push-ups and downs. This helps improve flexibility.

5. Keep track of your BM

Your BMI (body mass index) gives it all away. You can keep a track of your development (weight loss) by maintaining your own BMI planner.  Drink enough water (at least 7 glasses), stick to a balanced diet comprising fruits and vegetables.  Rigorously adhere to your health and fitness schedule and have a sound sleep for eight hours.

Additionally, you should be regular at your exercise schedule. You should also have a goal oriented health and fitness regimen. Keep track of your daily progress by maintaining a daily progress chart so that you can assess your performance over a certain period of time, say three months. Essentially, you need to find an ideal balance in your workout plan to accommodate all the five components mentioned above.