Massage Therapy Room Design Essentials

Massage Therapy Room Design Essentials

Although it may not seem so to those who are receiving a massage, massage therapy rooms are carefully planned, laid-out, and designed. The same may be said of massage therapy rooms at Active Health. When designing a massage therapy room, a designer must, think about budget, price, storage space, and utility. Here are six massage therapy essentials you may have not realized were specifically chosen in a massage therapy room:

Overall Design

When thinking of overall design, from size, to color, to what to include in a room itself, a designer must keep in-mind that the space will specifically be used for massage therapy, and to understand the overall design needs to give therapists and clients both what they need, as far as storage space, etc. as well as an overall feel that puts both parties at ease and allows the space to be used most effectively. Furniture, accessories, and more must be labored over.

Door Knobs

Most massage therapy rooms may even have been designed with attention down to the very doorknob. Lever doorknobs are normally preferred because of their ease of use, as well as the fact that massage therapist may have oils or lots of linens in their hands upon point of entry.


Often, flooring is selected that will give the therapist hip, knee, and foot support, as therapists will be standing on the surface for long periods of time.


If possible, window lighting is used. If overhead lighting is employed, there is usually a dimmer control in the room. Being able to bring in as much natural light as possible, and to control ambient lighting sources allow therapists to adjust the settings based upon their own and client preference. Lighting is a handy way to make your guests feel more at ease and relaxed.


One of the most important considerations a designer must face is that of understanding where massage tables and other specialized equipment will be placed in the room, and being sure that there is enough space in the room for therapists to work around these pieces of equipment once they have been installed. For example, a massage table must be large enough to fit any client, should be adjustable, and should not affect the overall design negatively.

Sound System

Many massage therapy rooms also incorporate sound systems into their design as a way to allow therapists to employ music or sounds along with massage therapy.

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