Therapeutic Massage vs Relaxation Massage

Massage therapy has become very popular in the last few years as scientists have come up with fresh evidence pointing towards the healing powers of human touch. Stress levels are now at an all time high so a visit to the massage parlor is generally a great stress reliever. Different kinds of massages have different purposes. While relaxation massages act as a treat to the body, a therapeutic massage is aimed at relieving chronic disorders and muscular pains.

The Difference

Therapeutic massages are generally conducted at clinics, hospitals or a specialized practitioner’s residence. The environment is completely different from a massage spa.

The first time you go to receive a therapeutic massage therapy session, you might have to fill up a lot of forms specifying your medical history and providing details of ailments for which you wish to undergo treatment.

Although the session will be relaxing like a normal massage at a spa, some advanced instruments will be used to provide pain relief and treat chronic health issues.

Improvement of overall health and well being of the client is the goal of any good therapeutic massage versus relaxation massage generally has more cosmetic purposes. Moreover, your massage therapist will conduct sessions frequently in order to gauge the depth of your health issue and set the pace for further sessions.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

People suffering from medical conditions like Chronic body aches, postural imbalances, weight issues, sports injuries, Fibromyglacia, Tunnel syndrome, Down’s syndrome, Autitism greatly benefit from a professional therapeutic massage session.

Scientists say that such massages are used as complementary treatment in dental, chiropractic and even cancer care. Neuromuscular therapy, trigger therapy and mysofascial release are some of the techniques used in such massages. Patients suffering from Chronic depression also benefit from such treatments.

For example, women who have suffered from recent miscarriages were found to be less depressed after undergoing therapeutic massage courses.

Relaxation massages on the other hand will help your skin glow and rejuvenate your body. A wide range of massages are available using a variety of ingredients ranging from herbal and fruit AHA massages to sea – weed, rock salt and chocolate.

A visit to a relaxing spa is a way to pamper yourself from head to toe.

How to choose the right massage

Firstly, be clear about the purpose. Are you going for a massage to relax and look good or do you want a massage that offers you medical benefits? Once you have decided on the type of massage you want choose your practitioner very carefully.

Especially in the case of a therapeutic massage make sure that the practitioner has good experience and has undergone a certified training course. Also ask your practitioner about the number of cases he has handled with this condition or complaint.

A therapeutic massage session will also cost a lot more than a relaxation massage for its obvious health benefits. It’s better to have a definite plan before you decide to opt for it. Whatever kind of massage you opt for, you are sure to emerge happier and stress free.

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