Markham Core Stability Treatment Programs

Core Stability Program

In today’s age of expectations and reality, people (especially the younger generation) expect to get results immediately, regardless of the activity. With regards to fitness, that paradigm is no different. When it comes to exercising, general fitness, and health, these tasks often gets misdirected and certain integral elements get neglected. No matter what time of year, people tend to rush to the gym and expect to get immediate results, while focusing on the wrong parts of their body. “Mirror muscles” such as arms, upper chest and legs often get the most attention while the core usually gets ignored. This is typically because maintaining and strengthening your core muscles takes more time to show results, and secondly, they aren’t as visible to the eye as your arms. The common misconception is that your core isn’t as important because you don’t see the results as quickly but I assure you this school of thought is highly inaccurate.

The Aim of Core Stability

The aim of core stability training is essentially to recruit the trunk musculature (your torso) and then learn to control the position of the lumbar spine during dynamic movements. Core muscles are an important component of the body’s central pillar, which is made up of the ribs, spine and pelvis. These muscles can facilitate motion, and just as importantly stabilize your spine – this function makes these muscles continuously active throughout the day no matter what you’re doing (standing, sitting, moving, etc.). Consequently, spine stabilization and therefore spine protection requires fit core muscles, knowledge of proper body alignment, and the ability to maintain this alignment during movement. Core muscle fitness is essential in every physical task to help performance, reduce the risk of injury, and rehabilitate people suffering from back pain. It is way more integral to your everyday life than forearm or bicep strength.

Active Health Centre bases their core stability programs on the most current information available globally. It is an exercise rehab that benefit all ages and demographics no matter what fitness level you are at, or whether you have a history of back pain or not. Our program is designed to teach individualized and specific floor exercises to help people develop and maintain core strength, endurance, and spine stability. An initial core stability fitness evaluation will determine what following steps you will need to take. Instruction following the evaluation can be provided in either a group or a one-on-one setting depending on your comfort level. Whatever trainings and exercises you will learn at our program, will be regularly practiced with you enough so that you can practice it safely at home on your own. Sign up now to schedule your initial testing date.

Sign up now to schedule your initial testing date.