Markham Chiropractors


Over the years, being hunched over at your desk for hours at a time has become an expected and “natural” practice at most workplaces. However, there is nothing natural at all about it. Humans were not meant to sit stationary for a prolonged period of time, particularly sitting in an upright, uncomfortable position. Over time, your vertebrae along with other parts of your back can slowly shift out of place, and ultimately needs to be realigned. This is where a Chiropractor comes in to the equation; someone that is needed because your vertebrae unfortunately won’t simply readjust itself naturally on it’s own.

Your First Visit to a Chiropractor Clinic

Your first visit to our Markham chiropractor clinic involves a comprehensive and extensive analysis of your health status and history. Through a thorough physical examination, our chiropractors can diagnose what ailments you have and can come up with a treatment plan to help remedy your condition. In some cases, however, further testing is needed such as X-rays or gait analysis – which is essentially the study of human locomotion. The treatment is typically started as quickly as possible, in order to jump-start the process of alleviating your pain. Often treatment can start on the first visit, once the preliminary tests are concluded and the data is processed. It’s integral for this initial assessment to occur, as some injuries may be quite severe and could require a more serious procedure. Your chiropractor will keep you apprised of what steps are needed to move forward.

Once the treatment commences, it will involve a variety of different approaches to reduce any pain, swelling or spasms, and will aid in restoring function. It can comprise an assortment of soft tissue methods such as: massages, trigenics, myofascial release techniques or active release techniques. There could also be mobilization practices and manipulation of your spine in order to make your body feel copacetic. Once the physical healing and treatment is concluded, the secondary step your Chiropractor takes is to help you in your life going forward. They will demonstrate what positions you should be in (and perhaps more importantly, what not to be in) while at work and at home. A physical assessment will determine what exercises will fully benefit your body and what preventative measures you can take. In some cases, the chiropractor may prescribe a brace or orthotic to wear at certain times. Advice regarding nutrition, relaxation, posture, and lifestyle changes will often follow your procedure with your expert. And occasionally, referrals could be made to other practitioners if it is warranted. Regardless of what occurs, typically a brief report of your meeting will be sent to your family doctor (with your permission).

The impetus of you seeking chiropractic adjustment and treatment is likely to eliminate whatever suffering you’re having, and to continue your day in a pain free manner. By following their steps and guidelines, this goal can easily be achievable. Advice from these experts should be taken seriously, as ultimately a healthy body equals a healthy and happy mind.